• Dr. Keith's Own Meal Replacement


    Lowering calories and feeling great never tasted so good!

    Last week saw the launch of my new line of Dr. Keith’s Own nutritional drinks. We went out with the chocolate (Yum!) But now we have brought on stream the vanilla (my favorite) and strawberry. These shakes are just about the tastiest and healthiest protein foods ever.

    A lot of thought went into the creation of these formulas. The idea was to get them the very BEST that’s available on the market. I think he has done it!

    Here’s the action in a few paragraphs:

    • Keith’s Shakes are made of all natural ingredients and no synthetic ingredients whatsoever. Dr. Keith’s Shakes have ZERO sugar and yet is naturally sweet.  Most shakes and proceeded foods have a very high level of added sugar including high fructose corn syrup.
    • You’ll be thrilled with the high quality fats (omega-3s) as well as the lack of bad fats in Dr. Keith’s Shakes.
    • Keith’s Shakes have nearly 400% more fiber than any other shakes.
    • Keith’s Shakes have 20 grams of the highest quality and healthiest protein available.
    • Keith’s Shakes contain digestive enzymes and probiotics.
    For more information on Dr. Keith's own, you can link to the following site:  http://drkeithsown.com/protein-shake/

    So, Dr. Keith’s Own is a line of nutrition-focused foods and supplements. This way you can easily put my advice into action!

    Because there are certain nutrients you just aren’t getting from your diet. Even if you’re eating healthy and organic! Let me explain.

    The sad truth is, our food is no longer as nutritious as it used to be. Because of industrial farming techniques there has been a HUGE decline in the mineral content of our soil. There’s simply less calcium, protein, vitamin B2, iron, vitamin C… And the list goes on.1

    In other words, you’re not getting the same nutrients as when you were a child! Your fruits and vegetables really were more nutritious back then.

    So naturally, my first choice for my first supplement was actually…

    A meal shake.

    To give you the nutrition you’ve been deprived of. It’s my own Protein Meal Replacement Shake. Of course, it’s allergy-friendly. And we have 3 delicious flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cream for all of you with a sweet tooth.

    What you’ve got is a scientifically formulated meal replacement, with bags of extra nutrients. But the plan, really, from the start was to have them taste great. Yes, in a way, tasting wonderful was top of my list. Because if people don’t like the taste, people don’t drink them!

    The second requirement was that they are made from fine, natural ingredients.

    Yes these are organic formulas. Somebody asked me that but what’s the difference? Organic is something we try for but with Chinese industrial pollution streaming through the atmosphere, polluting the whole globe (hey, we do our share of that too), what does organic really mean? Not a lot. It means great care was taken. It’s a banner to ask for more money. But in the end, you can’t guarantee something is totally free of environmental contamination. It drops from the sky in the form of polluted rain (just being honest here, not like most manufacturers).

    All I can tell you is, there are no detectable amounts of pollutants.

    How Else Have I Made It The Healthiest Protein?

    Apart from the taste and using only natural ingredients, with added vitamins and minerals, I’ve also stoked these up with some good extras you won’t get in anyone else’s shakes. There’s a whole range of amino acids, as listed below.

    I also put in probiotics—and fiber, to act as prebiotics. There is more than triple the fiber in my shakes than most other formulas. So what? Fiber acts as a prebiotic; that helps your probiotics flourish and in fact helps your entire bowel flora.

    GOOD DEAL: 1 container of 
    Dr. Keith’s Own Shake for $49.95

    That’s as low as $1.99 per meal shake!
    Three delicious flavors to choose from:
    chocolate cream, vanilla or strawberry 

    GREAT DEAL: 2 containers of 
    Dr. Keith’s Own Shake for $88.20

    That's as low as $1.76 per meal shake! (A 10% SAVINGS)
    Three delicious flavors to choose from:
    chocolate cream, vanilla or strawberry 

    AMAZING DEAL: 3 containers of 
    Dr. Keith’s Own Shake for $124.95

    That’s as low as $1.67 per meal shake! (A 15% SAVINGS) 
    This combo pack includes 1 container of each flavor: 
    chocolate cream, vanilla and strawberry