Medicine Beyond


Science Is Moving Faster Than You Think…
Mainstream Science Has Become Junk Science

That’s Why You Need To Join My Journey 
Into A Loving, Healing Future That I Call 
Medicine Beyond!

Why Beyond? Because it’s beyond shocking, beyond startling, beyond explosive, amazing, revolutionary, mind-bending and all those other cliché words.

It’s beyond classroom physics. It re-defines the nature of Being, identity and health into something much VASTER than ever before.

It’s… well, hard to describe in just a few words.  But I am presenting, in effect, a whole new reality, a completely re-constructed universe, backed by facts as they are today.  

New science means new discoveries in healing and heralds a complete 180-degree change in the way that we treat diseases and illnesses.

We occupy a universe starting from consciousness and Being, not with the Big Bang (which scientists are starting to admit never happened—the evidence today overwhelmingly contradicts it).

Even gravity is open to question—it has never been proven and scientists are still waiting (hoping) to find gravitons, which they say must exist. Gravity was simply the “best” explanation we had for the force of attraction between stars and planets and which holds us down to the Earth’s surface.

Gravity is a story, nothing more, that’s been around for so long people have started to believe it, without any proof of its tangible nature. In fact, gravity is probably the most out-of-date idea in all of science since we dumped the earth-fire-water-ether model! 

Instead, it’s an electric universe.  This is far more than the cold, gravity-driven machine.  Electromagnetic forces are 1,000 billion billion billion billion times stronger than gravity (1039) and much more realistic as the force which actually holds our universe together.  Space is filled with electromagnetic energies, clouds have been photographed by The Hubble and, of course, radio telescopes. 

Electricity and magnetism are out there!  Whereas gravity has never been seen, felt or photographed.

When we have finished setting reality straight and turning rigid science dogma on its head, we are free to see and explore our world as it really is.