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Pain is the King of symptoms; it demands respect and can be cruel when ignored. It erodes the quality of life, demoralizes the patient and causes a horribly negative emotional response. Those in chronic pain are particularly miserable, because they know it will be back again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…

But acute pain is bad too, because the patient is not used to it and has no practice at enduring its difficulties.

Yes, pain is medicine’s number one call to action. Nobody likes pain.

Trouble is, pain control has its problems. Most drugs have dangerous side effects. But worst of all, mere pain control offers no cure. It’s just blanketing the symptoms without offering any permanent solution. The pain inevitably returns. And the painkillers have less and less useful effect, as time goes by.

What if there is a better approach? What if pain relief could be found without the unpleasant dangers of complex chemicals, which only serve to poison the signaling part of the nervous system?

Even better would be to cure the condition that was causing pain, while at the same time offering relief from the misery. Is it possible?

In fact, it is the only real way to treat pain. Merely offering painkillers is a silly as repainting a worn out, rusting vehicle, without fixing its mechanical problems—it just covers up the damage.

What’s the answer? 

A vast array of safe, effective means of pain control which also heal the problem. It exists and one particularly knowledgeable doctor knows all the answers.

This is the book he has written for you…

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