Psychology of Cancer


The Agonizing Question For Cancer Patients

Am I Going To Die?

It’s the first question that enters the mind of anyone receiving the knee-shaking diagnosis: “It’s malignant.”

While it’s true that not all cancers are horribly fatal, there is no question that it’s a scary and life-changing diagnosis.

One of the reasons it is so feared is the perceived image of cancer is so BAD.

That’s due in a large part to the suffering of public figures and celebrities, who live their lives in the media and tend to make a huge mess of things. They noisily demand the “best” medical care, when in fact they only get the most expensive which—sad to say—is not the same thing.

What they really get for their money is therapy which is, at best, unproven and, at worst, seen to be miserably ineffective. The ignorant doctors who lord it over this grotesque process know next to nothing about the effects of lifestyle, diet, nutritional supplements, chemical burdens and emotional overload on health.

There is abundant evidence that life events will influence whether you get cancer or not. Genes don’t even come into this! If your life is not one of joy and harmony, you are at risk, according to the severity of your low mood.

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